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Insect Screening
Insect Screening is widely used for window, corridors, industry disposing equipment, sieves, filters, etc.

Mesh:4X14 14X16 16X18 18X18
Standard wire gauge: BWG31,32(0.254/0.229mm)
Roll size: 3'X100' 4'X100' 1X25M 1.2X25M 1X30M
Enamelled iron netting:Green or dark green
Plastic-coated iron wire netting: Green, blue,etc.
Fibreglass wire Netting: Available in different colors.


Insect Screening
Stainless steel wire netting
Enamelled iron wire netting
Galvanized iron wire netting
Aluminium alloy wire netting
Plastic-coated iron wire netting
Glass fibre wire netting



Stainless steel wire netting
14, 16, 18, 20, 24, 28
0.6m, 0.7m, 0.8m, 0.9m, 1.0m, 1.2m, 1.5m
Wire No.BWG

Metal wire window screen

Galvanized Width green painted

sp(Wire No.BWG)(mesh/inch)

sp(Wire No.BWG)(mesh/inch)

14 (mesh)x32" x 1m x 25 m
22 (mesh) x32" x 1m x 25 m
14 (mesh)x 32" x 3' x 25 m
24 (mesh)x32" x 1m x 25 m
14 (mesh)x 32" x 4' x 25 m
25 (mesh)x32" x 1m x 25 m
16 (mesh)x 32" x 1 m x 25 m
26 (mesh) x32" x 1m x 25 m
16 (mesh)x 32" x 4' x 25 m
26 (mesh)x33" x 1m x 25 m
18 (mesh)x 32" x 1m x 2 5m
18 (mesh)x32" x 4' x 25 m


20 (mesh)x 32" x 1 m x 25 m
Note : wirdth of 0.6m-1.5m available

Al-Mg alloy screen white painted

Specification (Wire No. BWG)
14 (mesh)x 31/32 x 1 m x 25 m
16(mesh)x 31/32 x 1m x 25 m
18(mesh) x 31/32 x 1 m x2 5 m

Note : wirdth of 0.6m-1.5m available

Other specifications and size can be produced per buyers' requirements